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Spring Awakening: March Flower Arrangements to Welcome the Season

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beautiful spring flowers

Spring's knocking, and hey, why wait for the grass to turn green? Let's swing the door wide open and let the season in with a burst of blooms!

Fresh flowers are a great way to kick the winter gloom out of your home. Today, we'll show you how to make every corner of your space shout, "Spring's here!" with our favourite March flower arrangements and more.

Ready to ring in the Spring? Our florists are ready to turn your excitement into a seasonal floral arrangement. Order fresh flowers online anytime or visit a Forest of Flowers near you to let your emotions bloom!

Best March Flower Arrangements to Welcome the Spring Season

1. Spring Blossom

spring flower arrangment

Our Spring Blossom arrangement is like a gentle hug from Mother Nature, with soft pink roses nudging vibrant fuchsia gerbera daisies, and dainty lavender daisies peeking through. All these beauties are cozied up in a clear bubble bowl, ready to sprinkle a little bit of fairy dust on your day.

Floral Fact: The rose, often seen as a symbol of love and beauty, also has a less commonly known trait – many types of rose are edible! Roses have been used in cooking for centuries, and their petals are often used to make jams, jellies, or to garnish dishes. This makes our Spring Blossom arrangement not only a feast for the eyes but, in a way, a nod to the culinary arts as well!

2. Springtime Tulips

spring toolips arrangement

Picture a field of tulips swaying in a gentle breeze. That's the vibe of our Springtime Tulips arrangement. It's a burst of spring on your table, with tulips in every shade of the rainbow reaching up, like they're trying to catch a sunbeam. Whether it's passionate reds, sunny yellows, or playful pinks, these blooms are here to banish the winter blues.

Floral Fact: Not only are tulips known for their beauty and variety, but they also hold a unique feature in their growth behaviour. Even after being cut and arranged in a vase, tulips continue to grow, sometimes up to an inch or more. They are phototropic, meaning they will bend and twist, reaching toward the light – a dynamic and living reminder of spring's growth and vitality.

3. A Bright New Day

This arrangement is like a sunrise in a vase. Hot pink gerbera daisies and orange roses are the main melody, singing a tune of cheer and passion. Lush green cremones join the chorus, adding a touch of elegance. A Bright New Day is a promise that today is going to be a great day.

Floral Fact: The gerbera daisy, a native of South Africa, is known for its bright and cheerful blooms. Interestingly, it's also known to improve air quality! A study by NASA shows that the gerbera daisy is highly effective in removing trichloroethylene, which may be introduced to indoor air through dry cleaning, from the air. So, "A Bright New Day" is not just a visual treat but might also contribute to a healthier living space!

4. Happy Spring

happy spring flower arrangement

If joy had a colour palette, it would look like our Happy Spring arrangement. Hot pink roses and orange Asiatic lilies are the stars of this show, with yellow gerbera daisies spreading sunshine in every petal. Purple alstromerias add a sprinkle of friendship and devotion, making this bouquet a perfect ode to spring.

Floral Fact: Asiatic lilies are known for their vibrant colours and lovely fragrance, but they're also remarkably hardy plants. They can survive in harsher conditions than most flowers and are capable of withstanding colder climates. This resilience makes them a symbol of long-lasting life and beauty, echoing the sentiments of renewal and vigour that the Happy Spring arrangement represents!

5. Pastel Perfection

Soft, tender, and oh-so-dreamy, Pastel Perfection is like a love letter in floral form. Soft pink roses, whispering carnations, and alstroemerias come together in a delicate dance of colours and emotions.

Floral Fact: The alstroemeria, also known as the Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas, is a flower of deep meaning, symbolizing friendship and devotion. Its leaves grow upside down, and the twist on the stem causes the leaves to grow upwards. This unique feature is seen by some as a symbol of the twists, turns, and growth of true friendship.

6. Picture Perfect

picture perfect flower arrangement by forest of flowers

This arrangement is a snapshot of tranquility. Yellow Asiatic lilies beam like the spring sun, surrounded by a halo of white daisies, pink spray roses, and pink carnations. Picture Perfect is an ensemble that speaks in hushed tones of purity, warmth, and affection — a true picture of perfection.

Floral Fact: The daisy is more than just a pretty face. It's a flower rich in meaning and history. In Old English, daisies were referred to as “day’s eye” because at night the petals close over the yellow center and during the day they re-open. This closing at night and reopening during the day was also the reason they symbolize new beginnings, purity, and true love – as if each day is a fresh start.

So, there you have it—a bouquet of our March favourites, each with its own story and each waiting to become a part of yours.

Flower-Giving Occasions in March

Every day is a good day to give flowers, but some days are just a bit more special. So, while you don't need an excuse to treat someone (or yourself) to a blooming bouquet, here are a few March moments that might just call for a floral fanfare!

  • International Women's Day (March 8th): This day is all about celebrating the wonder women in our lives. From moms and grandmas to bosses and besties, it's a time to honour their strength, grace, and everything in between. What better way to say "You rock!" than with a bunch of their favourite blooms?

  • Mother's Day (UK, Slovenia, and some Middle Eastern Countries): Whether you call her Mum, Mama, or Mommy, make her day bloom with joy! In the UK, they celebrate Mothering Sunday, while in parts of the Middle East, the spring equinox marks the day to celebrate mothers. No matter the date or place, flowers are a universal love language for moms.

  • Saint Patrick's Day (March 17th): Who says St. Paddy's Day is just for shamrocks and leprechauns? Spruce up your green-themed party with a dash of floral flair. Green blooms and lush foliage can transform your place into a Celtic wonderland, minus the pot of gold!

  • Spring Equinox (around March 20th): Ah, spring! When nature's alarm clock starts ringing. It's a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. Celebrate the season's awakening with flowers that shout, "Hello, sunshine!"

  • Easter (March 31): Flowers and Easter go together like bunnies and chocolate eggs. They're symbols of new life and hope, perfect for sprucing up your Sunday best or adding a pop of spring to your home.

Now that you're in the know, let's make March a month to remember with blooms that speak from the heart!

Fun Ways to Welcome Spring with Fresh Flowers

Spring is knocking, and what better way to roll out the welcome mat than with flowers? Let's talk about some fun, flower-filled ways to say "Hello, Spring!"

  • Gift a Little Sunshine: Winter can sometimes feel like a never-ending gray sky. But guess what? Flowers are like little sunbeams in a vase. Gifting flowers is like handing out bottled sunshine. It's a way to remind your pals, "Hey, don't worry, spring's just around the corner!" and bring a bit of that outdoor cheer inside.

  • Classic Vase Arrangements: Ever walked into a room and felt instantly happier? That's the power of a good vase arrangement. Scatter some around your home with seasonal blooms like tulips. They're like nature's way of turning the volume up on colour and joy. Each bloom is a brushstroke of spring, painting your space with a fresh, vibrant vibe.

  • DIY Spring Wreaths:Wreaths aren't just for December! Grab some fresh flowers, a bit of greenery, and a few funky decorations, and you've got yourself a DIY project that smells as good as it looks. Hang it on your door, and boom – instant spring cheer for anyone who walks by.

  • Floral Table Centerpieces: Whether it's Tuesday night dinner or a spring-themed bash, a floral centerpiece is like the cherry on top. Imagine sitting down to a meal with a mini-garden in the middle of the table. It's a conversation starter, a mood lifter, and a pretty nifty way to bring the outside in.

  • Pressed Flowers: Here's a crafty twist – flower pressing! It's not just for old books and memories. Pick your favorite blooms and press them into service (literally). It's a neat way to freeze a little piece of spring in time and keep the good vibes blooming all year round.

Whether you're a green thumb, a crafty hand, or just someone who loves a bit of floral flair, these ideas are your ticket to making this spring unforgettable. Ready, set, bloom!

Celebrate Spring’s Awakening with Flowers

Flower arrangements are mood-lifters, room-brighteners, and smile-makers, especially when winter is waving goodbye and spring is just peeking around the corner.

Embrace this season of renewal with open arms and vases ready. Whether it's a Spring Blossom arrangement whispering tales of new beginnings, a vibrant Springtime Tulip display bringing colour to your corners, or your very own handcrafted wreath hanging proudly on your door, each bloom is a brushstroke on the canvas of March.

Ready to ring in the Spring? Our florists are ready to turn your excitement into a seasonal floral arrangement. Order fresh flowers online anytime or visit a Forest of Flowers near you to let your emotions bloom!